Adding Hydraulics For A Grapple

There are two primary ways that we advise people to add hydraulics for a grapple.

The first option is to install a diverter valve in-line with the tilt function of your loader. In the drawing below, ports P1/P2 are connected to your loader valve’s tilt function. Then, the grapple is connect to the auxiliary circuit using ports A&B. Finally, the tilt cylinder is connected to the primary circuit using ports C&D. When the switch is inactive, fluid flows through the valve (In P1/P2 & C/D ports), allowing you to operate the tilt cylinder as normal. When the switch for the diverter is activated, fluid will be diverted to the grapple (in P1/P2 & A/B ports), allowing you to open and close your grapple by moving the joystick for your loader left and right. When the switch is deactivated, fluid will revert back to the tilt.

Your second option is to install a third function kit via the power beyond port on your loader valve. This allows you to use your grapple without having to divert fluid away from your tilt function. Our third function kits include a joystick-switch operated control valve, which will allow you to control one double-acting cylinder for your grapple. See the drawing below for how an example installation. 

16 thoughts on “Adding Hydraulics For A Grapple

  1. jose graciano says:

    hello … i was refered by Good works tractors… i have a Mahindra 26xl … i would like to install a 3rd function or diverter setup for a grapple and maybe a hydraulic top link for the 3 point … i will not be using them often .. im just lazy.. i may just need the grapple setup but if funds allow it i would for sure like to do the rear auxiliary hydraulics at same time… thank you for time..

  2. Eddie says:

    I have a 2016 JD 1025R that came from the dealer with a Backhoe. I’m looking for an easy and inexpensive way to add a Grapple to the front. I won’t be using the BH and Grapple simultaneously so can I just run long hydraulic lines from the power beyond in back to the front when I use a grapple or what would be the best way?

  3. Ray Hoot says:

    I am adding a grapple to my Massey Ferguson 253. I am not sure what the max gpm is for the tractor to know which diverter valve to purchase. Do you know which valve would work with the 253 ?

  4. Felix Weglarz says:

    I have a Cabela’s LM36 built by TYM and am looking for a 3rd function diverted valve to use with a Grapple. My Joy Stick already has the momentary switch pre-installed. Please advise on what model (part number) 3rd Function Valve that I would need (13gpm I believe) and what part number for a solenoid with wires? I’m also want to order a Diverter Valve Plate Mounting Bracket.
    Thank You Felix Weglarz

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