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Why Flat Face Couplers are a Gamechanger for Your Industry

Flat Face Couplers Connected

Hydraulic applications are important to many industries that require efficient and reliable connections. Flat Face ISO 16028 Quick Couplers feature a popular leak-minimal design, contamination resistance, and user-friendliness; This level of excellence makes them an industry standard. Couplers also prevent leaks that can expose workers to hazardous materials. Construction In construction, precision and safety are […]

What is a Diverter Valve?

A hydraulic diverter valve allows you to individually control two double or single acting cylinders from a single valve, giving you a simple way to add auxiliary components to your system. Another way of thinking about this valve is that it allows you to electronically switch between two cylinders, rather than manually disconnecting and reconnecting […]

Improve Day-to-Day Farming with Top Link Cylinders and Three-Point Hitches

Top Link Cylinder Product Photo

Farming is one of the oldest but also one of the most important jobs. We need farming to cultivate our food and grow valuable resources. As time has passed, technology has changed how we farm for the better. Little is more important than the three-point hitch and top link cylinders. These components make tractors more […]

Ensure Your Tractor is Ready for Spring

Tractor plowing a field

As the cold winter season draws to a close and the green of spring emerges, your tractor must be prepared to tackle upcoming spring cleaning. A well-maintained tractor ensures efficient and effective spring work. 1. Add a Summit Hydraulics Kit Before your annual spring cleaning, make your life a whole lot easier. This spring, instead […]

Stainless Steel: Comparing 304 and 316 for Your Next Job Site

1″ NPT ISO 7241-B Stainless Steel Quick Disconnect Hydraulic Male Coupler

In the farming, manufacturing, or construction industries, it’s super important to pick the right material. 304 and 316 stainless steel are both popular choices and widely used. However, what makes them different, and which one is right for your application? Picking the correct type could make a big difference at your next job site. 1. […]

Hydraulics 101: A Complete Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on hydraulics! If hydraulics seem complex, don’t worry. We’re here to make it simple, whether you’re a pro or just starting out. Let’s dive into the world of hydraulics, exploring how it works and its essential components. Hydraulics use liquids, mainly oils, to push and move objects. What Are Hydraulics? […]

Combating Hydraulic Leak Down: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency with Summit Hydraulics’ Double Piloted Check Valves

Hydraulic systems are the muscle behind many machines, from construction equipment to agricultural machinery. These systems live by the fact that fluid under pressure can be used to transmit force and motion. However, even the toughest muscles can tire and sag. Hydraulic systems can suffer from a problem known as leak down. Learn how to […]

8 Best Storage Practices for Tractor & Excavator Hydraulic Systems During Winter

As the frost begins to form and the days grow shorter, it’s clear that winter is approaching. For those in the agricultural and construction sectors, this means it’s time to prepare machinery for the colder months. Tractors and excavators, with their complex hydraulic systems, require special attention to avoid costly repairs come spring. Here are […]

How to Measure Tractor Top Link and Side Link Cylinders

How to Measure Tie Rod Cylinders graphic

Summit Hydraulics now carries a wide variety of category 1 top link cylinders, side link cylinders, and top/tilt kits for tractors! Ensuring accurate measurements of vital components like top links and side links is crucial. This comprehensive guide dives deep into the process of measuring these components, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality for […]

Top & Side Link Hydraulic Cylinder Kits: How Do They Work?

Product photo of Summit Hydraulics Top Link Cylinder Kit

Hydraulic systems are marvels of engineering, allowing for a significant amount of power to be generated from a compact setup. In the realms of agriculture and construction, Summit Hydraulics’ top link cylinders and side link cylinders are invaluable, playing a crucial role in ensuring machinery operates optimally. Learn the inner workings of these specialized hydraulic […]

Troubleshooting Top Link and Side Link Cylinders: A Comprehensive Guide

Product photo of Summit Hydraulics Side Link Cylinder

Summit Hydraulics Top Link Cylinders and Side Link Cylinders are integral components of hydraulic systems used in various machinery, especially in the agricultural and construction sectors. Like all mechanical parts, issues may arise with heavy use. Follow these general troubleshooting steps to get your cylinder back in prime shape, ensuring your machinery continues to operate […]

Wet Line Couplers: Pioneering Efficiency Across Industries

1-1/2″ NPT Wet-Line Wing Nut Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Female Coupler

From the verdant expanse of farmlands to the bustling heart of transportation networks, and within the silent guardians of our forests, there’s a silent workhorse ensuring optimal functionality: the wet line coupler. As we traverse through the agricultural, transportation, and timber/forestry sectors, the indispensable nature of wet line couplers comes to the forefront. Agriculture: Streamlining […]

High Pressure Couplers: Unsung Heroes of Modern Industries

High Pressure 3/8" 2Set

From the deepest mine shafts to towering skyscrapers, and even within the intricate machinery of factories, there lies a hidden gem that ensures the efficiency and safety of these endeavors: the 10,000 psi high-pressure coupler. Mining: Withstanding the Depths In the challenging conditions of mines, where both machinery and manpower delve deep into the Earth, […]

Stainless Steel ISO 7241-B Couplers: Elevating Marine, Aerospace, and Industrial Operations

1″ NPT ISO 7241-B Stainless Steel Quick Disconnect Hydraulic Male Coupler

In industries as critical and demanding as marine, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing, precision and reliability are paramount. Even the minutest component can have far-reaching consequences. ISO 7241-B stainless steel couplers are emerging as vital assets, offering advantages that are revolutionizing these sectors. 1. Embracing the Stainless Steel Edge Stainless steel, lauded for its resilience against […]