What is a Diverter Valve?

A hydraulic diverter valve allows you to individually control two double or single acting cylinders from a single valve, giving you a simple way to add auxiliary components to your system. Another way of thinking about this valve is that it allows you to electronically switch between two cylinders, rather than manually disconnecting and reconnecting hoses. If more than two cylinders need to be controlled, diverter valves can be stacked together to allow control of up to four circuits in total.

Hydraulic Solenoid Selector DV50 Instruction Diagram

How a Diverter Valve functions

As an example of the function of a diverter valve, our DV50 kits are often used on sub-compact tractors to add a grapple. Our kit is designed to be plumbed in line with your loaders tilt function, Fluid is allowed to pass through Ports P1/P2 to C/D, when the trigger is pulled on the included joystick handle, the flow of fluid will then switch from the tilt cylinder to the new auxiliary circuit (A/B).  To open and close the auxiliary circuit, press and hold the trigger and move the joystick side to side to open and close the auxiliary cylinder. As soon as the trigger is released, flow will automatically switch back to allow use of the tilt function.

Common Applications:

  • Grapples
  • Snow Plows
  • Snow Blowers
  • Augers

18 thoughts on “What is a Diverter Valve?

  1. Jacob Martin says:

    I was wanting to add a diverter valve for a Ford 555a backhoe to operate a grapple. It’s 27 gpm 2150 psi open center. Do you know what I need?

  2. Richard Rasmussen says:

    I have a John Deere 4066 are with a front loader attachment I want to remove this and put on the new snow plow from cage innovation the loader Control is in the enclosed cab and it functions up and down and curl but I also need it to control two small hydraulic cylinders that attach a snow box to the snow plow so I just need to operate these two cylinders once in a while to remove the box from the Plow they do not need to be operated simultaneously just when I get it lined up lock the cylinders down switch it and go back to using the snow plow up and down left and right what is the simplest method to do this from the front of the tractor the rear remotes are full

  3. Richard Reinhardt says:

    Can you use a diverted valve on John Deere 1025r with loader and factory cab.??? I want to be able angle my snow plow.

    • Steve Sandefur says:

      Hello Richard,

      That should be fine. If you want to look into this, I can provide you with instructions.



  4. Will says:

    I have a 215 cat excavator and im thinking about putting a hydraulic diverter valve on bucket cylinder to have another function. Would a 32 gallon a minute 4000 psi be enough or would i have to get something bigger?

  5. Jayson says:

    Hi, do you have a diverter valve or multiplier that can hook right to my skid steer auxiliary hydraulics. Maybe you don’t because not all the spacing is the same? But would be cool to just attach to front auxiliary hydraulics on my skid when I need and take it off when I don’t real quick.

    • Steve Sandefur says:

      Please contact us so we can get more info from you. We will find a solution for you if we have one.



  6. Kent Coen says:

    Can you make a kit for sending hydraulics to the front of my tractor for a grapple and a pair of hydraulics to the rear for a top and tilt cylinders for a box blade &/or a seeder?

    I will be changing my bucket to a Quick Attach.

    My tractor is a 1999 New Holland TC33D 4WD
    Thank You

  7. John Fox says:

    I have a John Deere 5055 it has single plug to hook up hydraulics. Need to put a diverter multipler so i can use my mower.( two functions )
    What model of your diverter multiplier will fit the 5055.

    • Steve Sandefur says:

      Hello, you can use any of those kits since your pump flow is lower. Pick whichever one fits your needs the most.

  8. Tom R says:

    My hydraulic hoses fit better if I install the diverter upside down, so the solenoid is down instead of facing up. Will it still work the same?

  9. David K. Qualls, D.V.M. says:

    I’d like to add a diverter to my X595. I like the way the diverter mounts on the loader arm with your JD1023 kit. Will that kit fit the X595? Thanks.

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