What is Your Snowplow Replacement Hose Kit?

1304060 Two Snow Plow Hoses

Winter is here! We all have places to go and things to do, so ensue snow doesn’t mess up your routine. The Snowplow Replacement Hose Kit from Summit Hydraulics will remedy the situation!

What is Your Snowplow Replacement Hose Kit?

Summit Hydraulics’ Hydraulic Hose Fitting Replacement Snow Plow Blade Kit works as a direct replacement for the Meyer E-47 Snow Plow & Pump. Buyers looking for OEM S.A.M. Part# 1304060 can use our kit. This hose replacement kit works for the hydraulic unit that lifts the plow up and down and side to side. At the time of writing, it is available for the low price of $63.95 USD; use the code GTT for a 5% discount!

What Replacement Parts Do You Have?

Don’t need the full Snowplow Replacement Hose Kit assembly? We have separate pieces you can purchase. 90 Degree Hydraulic Hose Swivel Elbows, OEM part# Meyer M21855, works great. A Two Pack Hydraulic Power Angle Hose Replacement, Meyer part# M21856, features a 90 degree swivel fitting and a straight one. If you just need one of these hoses, we also carry that too.

1304060 Snow plow kit components

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