Summit Hydraulics Universal Third Function Kit Installation Video

Kit components of Summit Hydraulics TF-AG12

YouTube video

Summit Hydraulics’ first video has released! Summit’s Tractor Ryan walks us through an overview of a universal third function valve and how you would install it. This Summit Hydraulics Universal Third Function Kit allows you to add an additional hydraulic function to your tractor or skid loader without the need for expensive factory add-ons. Watch to find out more!

Our video mentions that the exact installation process will vary depending on the machine since this is a universal kit, but it outlines the general steps involved. Here’s a summary of the installation process based on the video:

  1. Find a mounting spot for the valve on the frame of the machine, not on the loader.
  2. Run the work lines and pressure lines (sold separately). Connect the power beyond port on the loader valve to the P port on the summit valve. Connect the T port on the summit valve back to the rear of the machine where the power beyond port line was connected. If you don’t have any rear hydraulics, you can simply return the line to the tank.
  3. Crimp the eyelids onto the wires for the joystick. The joystick comes with several different bushings to fit on different sized rods.
  4. Install the joystick and connect the wires to the battery. The two switches on the joystick can be used to open or close the grapple.

You can also purchase this Summit Hydraulics Universal Third Function Kit here.

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