Summit Hydraulics Universal Diverter Valve Kit Installation Video

YouTube video

Summit Hydraulics’ next video is live on Youtube! Summit’s Tractor Ryan dissects the inner workings of our diverter valve kit and demonstrates how you would install it. This electric solenoid operated diverter valve kit allows you to easily add another hydraulic function such as a grapple to your subcompact tractor.

A diverter valve is different from a true third function kit because it ties into the curl and tilt cylinder. You can still use the joystick on the loader valve to operate the diverter valve. When you hit a switch on the joystick, it engages the diverter valve. Then you can use the curl and tilt function on the loader joystick to open and close the grapple.

The video also highlights that with a diverter valve, you can feather the controls to open and close the grapple slowly or quickly. This provides more control over the grapple movement compared to the true third function.

Here are some key points from the video on installing the diverter valve:

  • Make sure the hoses are installed correctly when connecting them to the diverter valve. Incorrectly connected hoses can jam the valve.
  • We offer two mounting options for the diverter valve. One option is a raised plate with a flat plate behind it, which can be clamped onto the loader arm. The other option is a rod going through each side of the diverter valve with a metal clip that clips onto the loader arm.
  • The joystick that comes with the diverter valve kit has a bushing that will attach it to the lever for the loader valve joystick. There are several different threads available for the bushing to fit on different sized rods.

You can also purchase one of these valve kits here.

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