Summit Hydraulics D03 & D05 Check Valve Overview Video

YouTube video

Summit Hydraulics’ latest video has released! Summit’s Tractor Ryan walks us through an overview of a D03 and D05 check valve and how you would install it. This double pilot operated check valve is designed to hold hydraulic cylinders and prevent them from drifting down while your directional control valve is in the neutral position.

Modular check valves are hydraulic valves that are used to prevent fluid from flowing in the wrong direction in a hydraulic system. They are typically installed between a spool valve and a manifold block.

The modular check valve has a flow rating of 15 or 26 gallons per minute and a working pressure of 4,568 PSI. It is a good option to use if you are experiencing drift or leak down in your hydraulic system. Drift is when the spool valve moves slightly from its center position, even when the control lever is not being moved. Leak down is when fluid leaks past the spool valve, even when it is in the closed position.

Modular check valves can be used in a variety of applications, including control valves, top and tilt kits, grapples, and front end loaders. They can help to improve the performance of your hydraulic system by preventing drift and leak down.

Please note: We strongly recommend the addition of our Connect Under Pressure AG Style Couplers, available from the drop-down menu, due to difficulty connecting standard couplers to check valves.

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