Improve Day-to-Day Farming with Top Link Cylinders and Three-Point Hitches

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Farming is one of the oldest but also one of the most important jobs. We need farming to cultivate our food and grow valuable resources. As time has passed, technology has changed how we farm for the better. Little is more important than the three-point hitch and top link cylinders. These components make tractors more versatile and efficient to complete agricultural work much faster.

Three-point hitches make adding new attachments as easily as snapping on a backpack.

What’s a Three-Point Hitch?

Three-point hitches make adding new attachments as easily as snapping on a backpack. Farmers attach different implements, like plows or mowers, quickly and securely with the hitch’s hookup system. Two arms at the bottom and one on top hold everything in place with a “triangle” shape. You can switch tasks easily with this simple but genius design.

The three-point hitch was an innovative technological advancement. With the introduction of top link cylinders, using implements became even easier. In the past, to adjust an attachment’s angle or height, operators had to get off the tractor and manually tweak tie-rod cylinders. Top link cylinders use hydraulics so adjustments can be made on the fly, right from the tractor seat. Easily change how deep a plow digs into the soil or ensure a seed spreader is perfectly level, without breaking a sweat.

When top link cylinders are paired with three-point hitches, you unlock so much more tractor potential. This combination allows for:

Exact Depth Control:

Sowing seeds that need an exact depth to grow properly or plowing the field to prepare the soil for planting requires precision. The depth at which you set your tool is pivotal. Too shallow, and seeds may not grow; too deep, and you might hinder growth or plow more soil than necessary. The top link cylinder becomes invaluable in these instances, offering a level of accuracy that manual adjustments can’t match.

Perfect Leveling:

Keeping farming tools level, especially over bumpy and uneven land, was challenging in the past. Land must be perfectly flat to ensure the soil is prepared evenly and seeds are spread correctly. This will help crops grow well everywhere. Thanks to top link cylinders, you can accomplish this much easier. Adjust your tools on the go, keeping everything level no matter the terrain. This is a game-changer for farming efficiently.

Manual, frustrating tweaks that used to interrupt the flow of your work are now a thing of the past.

Time Efficiency:

Gone are the days of halting your work, climbing down from the tractor, and wrestling with stubborn tie-rods to make necessary adjustments. Manual, frustrating tweaks that used to interrupt the flow of your work don’t have to be a hinderance today. Thanks to modern advancements, you can refine and adjust your implements’ settings on the move, using the power of hydraulics. Continue your work uninterrupted; make real-time changes as the conditions of the field require.

The Bottom Line

The union of top link cylinders and three-point hitches has transformed tractor capability, making them more flexible and efficient than ever before. This innovation allows for higher productivity and easier labor. As technology evolves, the future of farming looks brighter and more efficient.

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Pin Hole:3/4″3/4″3/4″
Ball Width:1-3/4”1-3/4”1-3/4”
Cylinder Bore:2”2”2”
Rod Diameter:1-3/16”1-3/16”1-3/16”
Top Link Max:22″26″32″
Top Link Min:16″18″21″

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