Ensure Your Tractor is Ready for Spring

Tractor plowing a field

As the cold winter season draws to a close and the green of spring emerges, your tractor must be prepared to tackle upcoming spring cleaning. A well-maintained tractor ensures efficient and effective spring work.

1. Add a Summit Hydraulics Kit

Before your annual spring cleaning, make your life a whole lot easier. This spring, instead of manually swapping out implements to perform different types of work, equip one of Summit Hydraulics Kits! Our kits allow you to finish tasks in the front and rear of your tractor! We carry Third Function Kits and Diverter Kits to add front implements, like grapples, augers, and more! To add rear remotes to your tractor, try our Electric Rear Remote Kit or Hydraulic Multiplier Kit! One of our most premium kits allows you to add a front third function and rear remotes, all in one package! This Front & Rear Kit is the only kit of its kind on the market and offers a complete package to complete various tasks. Ditch your manual tie-rod cylinders, and pair our rear remote kits with our new Hydraulic Cylinder Kits! A new Top Link Kit, Side Link Kit, or Top & Tilt Kit makes cylinder adjustments easier with hydraulics! When you plow your fields, you will do it in style and with ease when you use Summit Kits!

2. Start with a Thorough Inspection

As winter wraps up, give your tractor a complete check-up. Look for wear and tear, especially on the hydraulic systems which are crucial to operate smoothly. Replace any hoses that show signs of cracks or leaks. Inspect the couplers and fittings for corrosion or damage. Prevent unexpected breakdowns during critical times of use.

3. Change the Oil and Filter

Replace the oil and filter to allow the tractor to operate smoothly. Fresh oil keeps your engine and hydraulic systems lubricated and functioning at their best. After your oil is replaced, check other fluids, such as the coolant and hydraulic fluid. Keep these fluids at the correct levels as they can degrade over the winter.

4. Check the Battery

Cold weather can take a toll on batteries, so make sure yours is ready. Test the battery, see if it holds a charge and inspect the terminals for corrosion. Clean them if necessary and tighten any loose connections. Batteries that are several years old might just need replaced to avoid unexpected failures. You do not want to be dead in the water when there is time-sensitive work to be done.

5. Inspect Tires and Wheels

For your safety and tractor efficiency, maintain your tractor’s tires and wheels. Check tire pressure and adjust it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Replace any tires showing signs of wear or tear. Also, make sure the wheels are securely fastened and the rims are in good condition.

6. Grease Moving Parts

Lubrication is key to a long-lasting, efficient tractor. Grease all moving parts, including PTO shafts, bearings, and joints, to help the machine operate smoothly and to prevent rust and wear. Repeating this step will significantly extend the life of these components.

7. Prepare Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems are the backbone of many tractor operations. Ensure the system is leak-free. Check the hydraulic hoses and pumps for wear or damage. A well-maintained hydraulic system translates to efficient power transmission for various implements.

8. Test All Functions

Once maintenance is complete, test all the tractor’s functions. Operate the hydraulic lifts, PTO, and any other mechanical systems to check for smooth operation. Test your new Summit Hydraulics kit and hydraulic attachment for proper installation. Address any issues you discover before they become major problems and reach out to us as needed.


Prepare your tractor for warmer weather to ensure a productive and hassle-free season. Follow our tips and you can look forward to successful planting, tilling, and harvesting. Regular maintenance extends the tractor’s life but also ensures operational readiness. Happy farming!

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