What is a third function valve kit, and what are the benefits of one?

A Third Function Valve is a hydraulic control valve that’s installed to add an additional hydraulic function. It’s often called a Third Function as it’s used to control an additional third hydraulic cylinder, the first two cylinders being on a front-end loader. A hydraulic control valve, allows fluid to flow in and out of cylinders or hydraulic motors to extend/retract them with the push of a button or moving a handle.

Most commonly these Third Function Valves are installed downstream from a loader valve via the power beyond port, and can be used for a wide range of implements such as:

  • Grapples
  • Augers
  • Snowplow tilt
  • Snow blower
  • Broom

For more information on our third function valve kits please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Third Function Valve Vs. Diverter Valve

An alternative to installing another hydraulic control valve (Third Function Falve), is to install a diverter valve. These valves divert the flow of fluid from one hydraulic cylinder to another, either manually or electronically. Another way to think of this is to imagine a tractor with a front-end loader that you want to install a grapple. You could remove the hydraulic lines from the tilt circuit of your loader and attach them to your grapple every time you wanted to open and close your grapple, however this doesn’t make much sense. Alternatively, you could install a diverter valve in-line with your tilt function. When you activate that diverter, the flow of fluid would divert away from your tilt function, and go to your grapple. See the illustration below. 

Hydraulic Solenoid Selector DV50 Instruction Diagram, How a Diverter Valve Works; Diverter Selector Valve
Hydraulic Solenoid Selector DV50 Instruction Diagram

What’s the benefit of a Third Function Valve over a diverter?

Diverter valves must divert fluid away from another hydraulic implement, in order to provide fluid to the new implement. However, with a true third function, you are installing a new control valve which can be used in conjunction with any of your other hydraulic implements. 

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