What is a monoblock valve?

A monoblock valve is a hydraulic control valve used for either double-acting cylinders or hydraulic motors. 

How do I identify my power beyond port on my loader valve?

Typically, there are seven hoses or steel tubes connected to the loader valve. If only six hoses or tubes; there is no Power Beyond Port on your loader valve. The 1st four are connected to your loader for the up, down, dump, and curl functions. The fifth line comes from your pump to feed your loader valve. The sixth line goes directly to your reservoir so that when the pressure relief valve opens the fluid is dumped directly to the reservoir. The seventh line is connected to the “Power Beyond Port” on your loader valve, which is used to power other valves beyond the loader valve. On some loader valves there is a “PB” stamped on the valve next to the power beyond port. Some loaders indicate their power beyond port with green tape or a green mark on the hose or valve. Some loader valves have a power beyond sleeve inserted in the power beyond port. This sleeve looks like a nut; however, it is 3 to 4 times longer than a normal sized nut. On some loader valves there are no clues to help determine which connection is the power beyond port. Your owner’s manual may not even indicate the location.

What is a true third function valve kit?

A true third function kit allows you to independently control the flow of hydraulic fluid in and out of a cylinder (or a number of cylinders) with a monoblock valve, using a series of either separate switches or switches contained within a joystick. When the button is pressed, the solenoid opens the flow of fluid to the cylinder, either extending or retracting it. Our third function valve kit is powered by the power beyond port of your existing loader valve which will allow you to use multiple functions at the same time (i.e. curl bucket and close grapple).


  • Allows full control of additional circuits/cylinders without losing control of other hydraulic systems.
  • Simple Installation
  • Avoids expensive manufacture additions

Commonly used to add:

  • Grapples
  • Augers
  • Snowplow tilt
  • Snow blower
  • Broom
What is the power beyond conversion plug and do I need it?

The power beyond conversion plug is designed for use on our manual monoblocks and solenoid monoblocks to add another valve downstream. For example, if you were to attach two monoblocks in-line together, you would need the power beyond conversion plug to connect the first valve to the second valve (SEE EXAMPLE BELOW). If however you are simply connecting this valve to your power beyond on your loader valve, you DO NOT need the power beyond conversion plug. 

How do I Identify what each of the ports on the valve are?

Each Port is is marked. 

“P” port: Pressure or inlet port. This port connects to your power beyond port on your loader valve, your power beyond hose, or directly to your pump.

“T” Port: Return or tank port. This port connects to your tank.

“A” & “B” Ports: These are your work ports that connect to your cylinders or hydraulic motor

“N” Port: Used for closed center plug or attaching multiple valves in a row (power beyond plug required).

Are there detent options available for these monoblocks?

Yes, we offer forward, rear, dual, and float detents for our manually operated monoblock valves. Please contact us if you’d like to order them. 

Do you offer a wiring diagram of the solenoid on these monoblock valves?

Below is a drawing of the DIN Connector wiring. The solenoid on the monoblock solenoid operated valves corresponds directly to this. 

Din Plug Wiring Diagram
How do I connect a Monoblock to my hydraulic System?

Our Hydraulic Monoblock Valves can be used to replace any current hydraulic control valve or be used in conjunction with your current hydraulic control valves. Please view the diagrams below to see typical installation scenarios.