How do I add hydraulics for a grapple on my front-end loader?

There are two primary ways that we advise people to install hydraulics for their grapple systems.

First, you could install a diverter valve in-line with the tilt function of your loader. When the trigger on the diverter is activated, fluid will be diverted to the grapple, allowing you to open and close your grapple by moving the joystick for your loader left and right. When the trigger is released, fluid will revert back to the tilt.

Your second option is to install a third function kit via the power beyond port on your loader valve. This allows you to use your grapple without having to divert fluid away from your tilt function. Our third function kits include a joystick-switch operated control valve, which will allow you to control one double-acting cylinder for your grapple.