Summit Hydraulics Kioti CK2610 Rear Remote Kit

Summit Hydraulics’ next video is available! Summit’s Tractor Ryan thoroughly covers our popular rear remote valve kit for the Kioti CK2610. Watch and see in-depth how you would install it. This Summit Hydraulics Rear Remote Kit allows you to add rear remote connections. This allows you to easily control various hydraulic implements in the rear. […]

Summit Hydraulics’ Log Splitter Valve: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Wood Splitting

Summit Hydraulics has gained a reputation for manufacturing high-quality hydraulic components, and their Log Splitter Valve is no exception. This advanced control valve is designed specifically for log splitting applications, offering exceptional performance, durability, and ease of use. With its innovative features and robust construction, Summit Hydraulics’ Log Splitter Valve is the ultimate solution for […]

Summit Hydraulics John Deere Replacement Couplers

Summit Hydraulics is a leading provider of high-quality hydraulic components, including replacement couplers for John Deere equipment. As a trusted supplier of hydraulic solutions, Summit Hydraulics’ line of John Deere replacement couplers are designed to help customers easily connect and disconnect hydraulic hoses, making equipment maintenance more efficient and effective. The John Deere replacement couplers from Summit […]

Summit Hydraulics Front & Rear Kits

Summit Hydraulics is a company that offers a variety of hydraulic solutions for different types of machinery. One of their products is the Front and Rear Kits, designed for John Deere, Kubota, Kioti, Bobcat and LS Series Tractors. This kit is a game-changer for farmers and people who work with tractors as it offers a convenient […]

The Benefit of Hydraulic Rotary Diverter Valves

Rotary diverter valves are a crucial component of hydraulic systems in tractors and other heavy machinery. They enable the control of fluid flow through different channels and direct it to various hydraulic implements. In this article, we will discuss how rotary diverter valves work in hydraulic systems and their interactions with hydraulic implements. What are […]

All About the 10,000 PSI High Pressure Quick Couplers

Summit Hydraulics, an established manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic equipment, is proud to offer their 10,000 PSI High Pressure Quick Couplers. These couplers are designed to meet the needs of professionals who require reliable and efficient hydraulic systems in their work. The couplers are made of high-quality materials that are built to withstand high pressure and […]

The Benefit of Hydraulic Proportional Flow Divider Valves

Hydraulic proportional flow divider valves are a type of valve that divides a hydraulic flow into two or more proportional streams, which can be used to control multiple hydraulic actuators simultaneously. These valves have many benefits that make them an essential component in many hydraulic systems. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of […]

The Benefit of Wet-Line Wing Nut Hydraulic Couplers

Hydraulic systems are an essential part of many industrial applications, and they require reliable and efficient connections to operate at their best. One type of hydraulic coupling that has gained popularity in recent years is the wet-line wing nut hydraulic coupler. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what these couplers are, how […]

The Benefit of Flat Face ISO 16028 Quick Couplers Over Agricultural/Pioneer ISO 5675 Couplers

Hydraulic systems are used in various industrial applications, from construction machinery to agricultural equipment, to provide power and control. Quick couplers are essential components of hydraulic systems, enabling the fast and easy connection and disconnection of hydraulic lines. There are different types of quick couplers available, each designed for specific applications. In this article, we […]

Summit Hydraulics Universal Diverter Valve Kit Installation Video

Summit Hydraulics’ next video is live on Youtube! Summit’s Tractor Ryan dissects the inner workings of our diverter valve kit and demonstrates how you would install it. This electric solenoid operated diverter valve kit allows you to easily add another hydraulic function such as a grapple to your subcompact tractor. Watch to find out more! […]

Summit Hydraulics Universal Third Function Kit Installation Video

Summit Hydraulics’ first video has released! Summit’s Tractor Ryan walks us through an overview of a universal third function valve and how you would install it. This Summit Hydraulics Universal Third Function Kit allows you to add an additional hydraulic function to your tractor or skid loader without the need for expensive factory add-ons. Watch […]

Common Applications for Hydraulic Third Function Kits

A hydraulic third function kit allows you to add an additional hydraulic circuit to your tractor, which can be used to operate attachments that require hydraulic power. These attachments might include grapples, augers, mowers, and more. The kit typically includes a valve that allows you to switch between different attachments for different tasks. There are […]

What is a Hydraulic Check Valve?

Hydraulic systems have become increasingly popular in modern machinery and equipment, including tractors. These systems rely on a series of components, including pumps, cylinders, and valves, to generate and control fluid power. One essential component in any hydraulic system is a check valve, which plays a crucial role in ensuring reliable and safe operation. A […]

What is Your Snowplow Replacement Hose Kit?

Winter is here! We all have places to go and things to do, so ensue snow doesn’t mess up your routine. The Hydraulic Hose Fitting Replacement Snow Plow Blade Kit from Summit Hydraulics will remedy the situation! What is Your Snowplow Replacement Hose Kit? Summit Hydraulics’ Hydraulic Hose Fitting Replacement Snow Plow Blade Kit works as a […]

What is a Control Valve?

What is a Hydraulic Control Valve? Hydraulic control valves are used to start and stop fluid flow into hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors. They can be operated either manually or electronically (solenoid-operated). The number of cylinders or motors that a control valve can operate depends on the number of spools on the valve. The flow […]